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Joe Manganiello

So, as I said, after after meeting Alexander Skarsgard last year and not making a total idiot of myself, fainting on sight, or saying anything colossally inappropriate I got the invite to see Joe Manganiello as he visited Poland yesterday.

First tragedy of the day: I was late to the meeting. Wait, go back, NO, I was on time and even a little early, it's EVERYONE ELSE including Joe that arrived early. Which means I missed the introduction and a chance to make an idiot out of myself while possibly mispronouncing my own name. So far, so good.

In general, I think I was less nervous than while meeting Alex. It's understandable, because I have written filthy things about Brad Colbert on various kink memes and I have not yet went to such lenghts with Alcide. Never say never, though, he is hot. (like a furnace. The Werewolf thing expands to the actor, I'm telling you. And he told us, too, saying that the line about running hot was his favourite because it happens to be true. IT IS TRUE.)

Unlike the meeting with Alexander, there was less of the awkward pauses when the twenty gathered fangirls stared at Joe starry-eyed. Well, we did that, we are FANGIRLS, but mostly we actually asked questions, like, did Alexander warn him about coming to Poland. (No, he said Joe should come. And Joe apparently loves Polish cuisine, especially pierogi, you could have made a drinking game out of counting how many times he said pierogi during the evening.)

Joe is a really good story-teller, he treated us to anecdotes of meeting Charlene Harris for the first time ("sweet lady, and she WROTE ALL THAT DIRTY STUFF"), of being the fan of the show before he was in it, of wanting to be a werewolf when he was a kid and of praying in church to become one. So, prayer works, folks, turns out. Well.

He also mentioned that every European fan seems to know what's going on on the show despite the new season's premiere being set for October. We maintained that we haven't seen any of it, obviously, but whenever he mentioned a certain scene (like the lake scene, that got mentioned a lot) we magically knew what was the scene about. That's because all Polish girls are psychic. It's in the water. And in the pierogi.

The girls from the Truly Bitten forum (who are rockstars and were all dolled up for the meeting, making me feel like the Sesame Street's very own Big Bird... it's the shirt, I should have went with sth other than puke yellow) gave Joe some fun gifts. No roadkill this year, but there was a book on Poland, a flask with a wolf image engraved on it and a shirt with "Don't Ask Me To Take This Shirt Off" on it. Sadly, Joe did not have time to model it for us but you can't have everything.

All in all, I was less of a giggly and tongue-tied twelve years old during the meeting, but I now wonder if everyone on the TB cast really is that nice, or are they just that good at acting. Not that those two are mutually exclusive, that came out wrong.

So. Pics, here they are. Kind of hoping HBO Polska continues the tradition and has someone visit next year too.

The wolf flask.

Joe fishing out the shirt from the gift bag.

The aforementioned shirt. Made me laugh, but I'm cheap.

Joe and Noelia the Big Bird. I'm either flapping my hands around like the bird I am or, god forbid, doing airquotes in which case, someone should have shot me.

Another Big Bird sighting. Though I do approve the HBO's import of men who are taller than me. Not enough of that around.

No birds around.

That girls is my hero, she took it on herself to inspect the abs.

Told you, rockstars.

Post might be edited to add photos or videos of the event as they trickle down. All in all, AWESOMENESS.
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