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Womenlovefest: vid recs

My participation in the womenlovefest is off to a sad start: I've had trouble with the net access yesterday and today I am kind of hindered by a fever and uncapable of creating anything of value... I still can rec awesome stuff created by others, though. First off, vid recs.

Dixon's Girl: female mutants are awesome. X-Men first class vid that took over my heart, I can't stop singing that song.

Tightrope: multifandom vid much in the spirit of this fest. You dance on them haters.

Poker Face: Sarah Connor edition. Sarah/men or rather, Sarah/guns. Awesome editing.

Raise it Up: SPN, Jo and Ellen. The sacrifice.

Fade Out: BSG. Kendra Shaw (and Kara Thrace). Powerful stuff.

Roller: Women of SPN. They do deserve better.

Stand Still, Look Pretty. Twin Peaks. Audrey Horne becoming Laura Palmer.

Suburbia. Buffy. She, alone.

Suffrage. Iron Jawed Angels. SO WELL DONE.

Wild Child. Multifandom celebration of women.

I'm Your Man. Multifandom, women, femslash. <3

Harbor. Merlin. Gwen, Gwen/everyone, just GWEN <3

Jack, or adventures in reading against text. Heroes, multi-character.

Hurricane. Farscape/BSG, Aeryn/Kara. Both character study and a crossover ship.

I wanna be bad. Multifandom. Going to the dark side can be fun.

I wish I was a punkrocker. Stargate SG-1. Samantha Carter is a bamf in every universe.

Lost at Sea. Sarah Connor Chronicles, a study of Jessie. I miss Jessie, she was such a fantastically complex character.

Bad Romance. Merlin, Morgana/Morgause, Morgana/Gwen. This is the show I watch, pay no attention to the actual episodes or some such.

Miss World. Criminal Minds, Elle. Profiler, agent, victim.

Effigy. Merlin, Gwen. This is so much the entire chapter of my thesis summed up in a vid form...

Flower Torchwood, Toshiko Sato character study. This will break your heart.

I Enjoy Being A Girl. Multifandom and awesome.

One Girl Revolution. Multifandom, so much love for this.

Can't keep a good woman down. A celeberation of women, multifandom.

Colours. Merlin, Morgana. Simply stunning.

God is a DJ, Cuz I can, I'm not dead. Kara Thrace trilogy of AWESOME.

What About Everything. I think this might be my favourite multifandom female celebration vid. <3

Glorious Or, well, this could be it. Multifandom.

She's a Genius. Warehouse 13, Claudia Donovan. The epitome of awesome.
Tags: recs, vids, womenlovefest

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