Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

I aten't dead

Figured I might owe everyone an update...

1. Terrible writer's block. I have a dozen or more fics started and can't bring myself to actually *write*.

2. Writer's block doesn't extend to academia. 13 pages into my thesis. Yes, I do know the academic year hasn't started yet, shush.

3. Last year of American Studies. Don't ask how many electives I'm taking, I'm scaring myself. Considering I am supposed to do 8 electives in two years and last year alone I've done 11... well, yeah.

4. Doing post-grad in Language, Media & Culture. Because I'm pretty sure they've opened that degree specifically for me and it would be rude not to do that, right?

5. Work starting next week. I've actually missed the kids.

6. Also next week, Summit on Innovation and Research that I'm volunteering at. I don't know, kinda excited.

7. Also helping with an art show (in two weeks time). Learned the most important lesson about organising art shows already: Wine Glasses Are IMPORTANT.

8. Just realised I didn't put sugar in my tea, but I'm too tired to make it downstairs and get sugar. Oh, well.

9. I know everyone is complaining about the changes on Star Wars Blu Ray, but omg, so pretty anyway.

10. Speaking of Star Wars, am half tempted to try a Rogue Squadron GK AU for this year's NaNo. What are your thoughts on that?

11. Anyone backing up my motion to expand a day by, I don't know, seventeen hours or so?
Tags: noelia does things, noelia is kind of insane, noelia loves her job, noelia loves her studies, noelia needs help, noelia needs to get out more, random insanity

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