Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Dear YAGKYAS Santa!

First, thank you so much for writing things for me. I love you already,

Second, I shouldn't be very difficult to write for. In fact, I am regrettably and awesomely cheap and easy. If it's Generation Kill, I'm sold. If it's Brad/Nate, I'm thrilled and dancing around the room with joy.

Now, if you need some inspiration, ideas, etc: I love Nate. And Brad. And every other character. I'm fine with a gen ensemble and I'm fine with intimate pairing piece. I love dialogue, I mean, Generation Kill IS dialogue, and it's awesome. I love AUs (if you have ever read any of my fics, you could probably tell...), any AUs, be it slight canon derailment or big AUs-where-they're-all-penguins. Or ice-skaters. No, really. Or a Regency AU that doesn't end in heartbreak (not that I don't love some heartbreak in the middle of the story). Really, I'm the AUs gal.

I like strong female characters, in the form of sisters, roomates, friends, nieces, wives (especially Mike's and Poke's), etc. I like kidfics and fluff and kittens and puppies and Walt and sunshine. I don't mind angst, but I kind of want a happy ending for everyone.

I put X-Men: First Class as my crossover fandom, because I'm on an X-Men kick (in the NEED FIX-IT FIC after the beach divorce kinda way), but really, feel free to take it any direction you want, superheroes or not, Marvel or DC, superpowers or Batman-like wealth. Or just write a strictly canon fic happening in Iraq. I'll love it.

Feel free to ignore everything written here and follow your inspiration. Just have fun. And maybe give me a happy ending?

Tags: generation kill, secret santa, yagkyas

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