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Dear BBC News Crew,
Please, don't stop in the middle of the crossroads to do some filming. Especially not on the most busy crossroads in the city.

Dear City Guards,
We have good traffic lights. There is no need for you to stand in the middle of the crossroads and *try* to direct the cars. Someone may run you over, and it maybe even won't be me.

Dear Lady with the Doggie,
It's not fun for the diggie, however cute it looks in its little pink sweater, to run across the most busy street, causing the cars and the bust to come to a sudden halt. Buy a leash.

Dear Guy from the Bus,
Yes, it was fun when I landed on your knees. No, we may not do this again. You're not exactly my type, I think my grandma is closer to your age.

Dear Foreign Guy,
No, I don't know where to buy donuts. We don't have donuts in Krakow. Buy a pretzel.

Dear Tourists, Pilgrims and News Reporters,
Go to Vatican. Important stuff is happening there. Or, if you must stay in Poland, move to Warsaw. I never liked the people from there, thy deserve you.


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