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QaF drabbles

Yes, again with the QaF.
It's a serie of six drabbles regarding one scene in s5. Yes, in s5. Based on spoilers and rumours, so if you don't wanna be spoiled *don't proceed* I mean it.

Also. I don't feel sure enough with writing QaF, so any comments/suggestions/critique is wanted and needed. Are they good enough to be posted in QaF community? Honestly?

The trick is one of the top ten.
Probably more.
From Auntie Em’s wisdom: having your dick sucked can get so tedious.
When the trick does his thing, hand on Brian’s hip to steady himself, Brian runs his tomorrow’s to-do list in his mind, staring ahead. He moves his right hand, placing it on the trick’s head and guides the rhythm, finally getting where he wanted.
As he comes the phone rings angrily, and he barks his usual ‘what?’ into it, reaching for the Kleenex.
His hand freezes midway, just as his world suddenly comes crashing down.

People are frantically running down the street.
All of them heading in one direction.
All roads go to Babylon.
Only this time different kind of blowing is the reason.
Pieces of wreckage are everywhere, concrete dust causing his eyes to water.
At least there is something to blame the tears on.
He makes his way through the crowd, searching for familiar face, his heart clenching when he can’t find it.
He sees the characteristic pattern of missmatched colours and runs towards it, finding Debbie in tears and Michael coughing and sputtering.
“He’s still inside.”
And the blow comes.

His legs give way and he leans against the nearest surface, breathing heavily.
Even though he thought it would shut down, his brain works on its own and supplies the memories.
He feels the cold of the same light Justin leaned against then... and he feels like heaving.
He feels Debbie pulling him into ribs-cracking hug and he wouldn’t mind if something actually broke.
Michael is saying something, but the ringing in his ears is loudr and more persistent.
He shrugs off Debbie’s look and Michael’s hand and runs in, leaving the pleading ‘Brian!’ behind.

He goes against the grain of people leaving, looking into their faces, searching.
Every one of those who passing him take a look into his eyes take a step back.
He looks around, willing the world to once more act to his liking, detesting it when it doesn’t.
He hates with vengeance every person who leaves and isn’t Justin.
The building is almost empty and he wonders if that’s how the end of his world looks like.
Then two people make their way outside from the destroyed backroom, Justin helping some injured guy.
Asshole had to stop and play hero.

He hates the corny scenes when eyes meet across the room and everything stops, but that’s exactly what happens.
All that’s missing is a stupid little love theme.
He sees Justin blinking and he knows it’s the allergies, just as he knows it’s dust in his own eyes.
Making few steps forward he reaches to touch Justin’s face. “Asshole,” he mutters and Justin smiles as if it was the sweetest endearment.
Maybe it is.
“Gave me the fucking scare of my fucking life,” his hand finds its familiar place on the back of Justin’s neck. “Never do it again.”

It’s physically impossible for Brian to stop touching Justin as they make their way outside.
Justin’s hand in his, his arm encircling younger man’s waist.
He doesn’t let go even when Debbie engages them in another round of killer hugs. He is simply unable to let go, to let him go even few inches away.
Is he afraid Justin will simply disappear?
He’s scared shitless.
Finally he can’t deal with assuring friends and relatives everything is okay. He pulls Justin closer and puts his arms around him, warm breath tickling his ear.
“I love you,” he whispers, voice shaking. “You fucker.”
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