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Meme, because I have nothing else to do, apparently.
Tomorrow no Uni. Surprise... I start to think I have more free days than school days, recently. Oh, well, I'm not going to complain.

Total volume of music files on my computer: 7,09 GB.

The last CD I bought: Michael Buble "It's time". Well, not actually bought, but got my mom to buy it for me. Does that counts? If the last one I bought myself, that's gonna be Tori Amos "Tales of a Librarian"

The last song I listened to before doing this meme: "For Good" from Wicked, the OBC.

5 songs I listen to a lot:
lately it's:
Heather Small "Proud"
the Drifters "Save the last dance"
Beth Hart "L.A song"
Sarah McLachlan "Good Enough"
Melissa Etheridge "Angels Would Fall"

Also. Question to non-Americans, mostly (because I don't trust American post... not that I don't trust Polish post, but this way I'll have only one post to distrust). Would anyone be willing to buy me paid account if I send them money? *g* My time ends in June, and I should start thinking about prolonging it *g*

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