Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Ignorance post no2

1. What is a kerfuffle? (and did I spell it right?)
2. Fandom wank phenomenon. What's that, anyway?
3. "Shake it like a polaroid" featured on too many icons to count... Where does that come from?
4. "Pastede onYay". Same as above. What does it mean, anyway?
5. "N00B" the huh?
6. Does anyone know where can I find various ratings? I know the MPAA rating, but from other countries? (school related, so any help will be awesome...)
7. Jazzy. Who came up with that, anyway? *shakes head*. Jazzy...
8. Does "he's" count as two words, or one? Word says one, my English prof says two, and I'm more inclined to believe the latter... but I got corrected in one of the communities where I posted drabbles... they said it's one word. So, how is it? One? Two? 42?

On the other news, I'm going to LotR marathon tonight. Three movies, one night, probably lots of coffee... See ya tomorrow. If I get up, that is.

33 days to SW:E3:RotS. Yay!

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