Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

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Just woke up.
And yes, I know it's 7pm for me.
And that in three or four hours I will be back to sleep.
And that my organism is wondering what the fuck is going on and why does everything look pink and kinda shaky...
And that I will be fcuking totally useless tomorrow at the Uni.

But the LotR marathon ruled *so* much.
I wasn't sure I can manage 12 hours in a cinema, but I did. And it was wicked cool.
Of course, I'm unable to watch LotR without seeing slash (subtext? what subtext? I can only see plain text. In capitals.) now.

Oh, and I've got a question. There was a website, I know there was, where there were pictures of actours in glasses. 'bespectacled' or something? Anyone knows what I'm looking for?
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