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So. You know the Tolerance Days I was talking about some time ago?
They happen this weekend. So Yay!

And there is going to be the parade, after all... even if it's organised by someone else, not KPH (Campaign Against Homophobia). I'm still not sure how I feel about the March part... I mean, sure, such thing is of the good, but marching through the city with rainbow flags when there are still black flags in the windows... that's bound to provoke more negative reactions than positive ones, I'm pretty sure...

Anyways. I was appointed guide to one of the Conference guests and I was picking him up at the airport. I never even was at the Krakow's airport before! It was way cool, I had that card with his name on it... Ya know, like on the movies *g*.
Anyway, we were talking a bit while driving to the hotel and he told me about his partner, and stuff, and then he looks at me and asks "And you? Boyfriend, Girlfriend? I would say boyfriend, but my gaydar is off when it comes to women..." That was cute *g*

On the other news, I think I'm sick again. Or it's my allergies making great come-back, because I'm sneezing my fcuking brains out. And headaches are back, too. Fabulous. Shoot me now, please.

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