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The idea came from _in_babylon which was *so* much help in getting to know the QaF fandom...
We (and by 'we' I usually mean cala_jane and me) decided to create a community based on a similar idea - and devoted to Wesley.
If you noticed recently you've been friended by daily_watcher that means you're being watched closely now. We will know your every move and, more importantly, every fic you write.

Basically, the community follows everything Wesley happening on lj, but not only. We've decided to leave the rpgs out, because rpg_herald is out there and doing a splending job, but we monitor fic comms and fic writers and icon creators and challenge communities... everything Wesley, really.

So: watching_daily.

Thank you for listening *L*

Now, two questions... pimping a community in how many others is considered too many? *g*
Second. Any comms or writers I missed? Someone who does something amazing and connected to Wes and I don't know him?

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