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...I'm back.

After visiting four countries in twelve days, travelling by car, train, ship, metro, bus and taxi, after getting to know what scones taste like and discovering that French people drive like madmen... I'm here. In one piece, which is good, with bag full of goodies, which is excelent, and with few more mental dysfunctions, which is normal for me.



Only passed by, but...

Nice gas stations. Quite cheap magazines... too bad there were in German, so I didn't undersand anything... pretty pictures, though. People on the highways *really* respect the law.... I was astonished. I mean, big cars only on the right (and not, like in Poland, on all three... what do you call this parts that the road is divided to? Blast, my English hasn't improved any...), people actually letting you turn where you want to, and stop where you want to... and respecting the red and green lights. Wow. Good muffins on the station. Quite cheap toilets... in Poland you can pay the same for the dirty cabin with a HOLE in the ground, and here everything pretty, and there actually *is* soap and toilet paper....

Kay, my visit to Germany was lame. I promise to make up for this the next time.


Not really new for me, was there three times so far... Brussell is nice. Manneken Pis wasn't clothed this time... no fun, I like when it's dressed in those pretty costumes. Fries in McDonald were actually tasty... which is weird. My cousin wanted to get Wisła's (that's polish football team) scarf... boys.... Good thing I remember where my uncle lives, or we would be travelling around Antwerpen for months... Sales in shops, cheap records.. bought myself Alison Krauss and Union Station cd. Was bored in the car between Brussell and Paris, so I've written a Giles/Wes fluff promised to Jen... unfortunately my laptop's battery went crashing down, so I wrote in in notebook... so it will take a while until I copy it to my comp and publish... probably around Saturday or Sunday. Can take longer, cuz I have RPG planned on this weekend... but I'll try to post it as soon as I can.


Stayed in Formule1. Nice hotel. Doors with codes... don't have such thing on daily basis, so I was happy... I mean, you have to know a code to get to your hotel room. How cool is that? It's like you're a spy, or something... unfortunately my mom didn't actually get it, so she looked strangely on me... Well, okay, every time I walked into the room, even coming back from the toilet I posed like a James Bond, or Charlie's Angel with a gun, and whispered to my watch "all's clear"... but hey, girl gotta have some fun...

Eiffel tower was cool. I didn't know it's so high. I mean, I knew how high it was, but didn't know how high it looks... am I babbling now? But anyway, it was cool. And a guy in the elevator was cool. Sorta Latino looking, really, really cute. Oh, and we were stalked. By this Asian girl that was selling mineral water, and kept walking after us, saying "water, ice water" all the time, no matter how many times we told her we don't want to drink now, thank you very much. At least I couldn't take it anymore (I mean, I was laughing so hard it hurt, when my mom tried to explain in her English, which is very weird English, that we don't want water, and Mr. Andrew was saying same in his German, which isn't German at all, just Polish and Russian words made to sound like they are German, and then Damian tried to use his French.... Goddess, that was something!) and I've bought one bottle... and then that girl grinned at me widely and said "Thanks, took you long enough" in Polish! I thought I'd die :D.

Parking meters are weird. I mean, ya have to buy this card, then give it to the machine, and choose how much from this card you want to spend on the parking... but when I said I want to pay that two euros for hour, it gave me a ticket that said I gave two erous for ten hours. Weird. But hey, that's a lot of euros saved, right?

Driving trough Paris is another thing. How do you, Parisians, do it? I mean, hello, nightmare! And a question for French people here... do the red light means go in France, or what? Seriously, I don;t get it... It doesn't mean I didn't have fun, mind you... I didn't know my mum knows so many swear words....

Champs Elysees (spelled wrong, I'm sure, but what the heck...). Kaaaay. Pretty. Very pretty. But is it wrong of me that I was more interested in Virgin Megastore than Arc the Triomphe? Very wrong. But there was that cute guy that helped me to find books.... Okay, visiting Paris, sight-seeing, and all, not flirting with all good-looking guys I see. But he *had* a nice butt. Oh, and by the way. I have a new definitions of afterlife places. Heaven is that place you go in and find all the books you wanted to read, like, ever, all in pretty rows on the shelves, and you have enough money to buy few of them... And the hell? The hell is when they are all in language you don't understand! Yeah. But there were also dvd's... in freakin' French, too. Don't get me wrong. I like French. I think it's beautiful, and interesting language, and it's probably my own fault that I can't get myself to learn it, no matter how I try... but do they have to dubbing everything?

Montmartre. Sacre Coeur... beautiful. And though Place Pigalle was currently under construction... it was fun to see my mum's face when we walked past it, and there were sex shops all around...

Notre Dame. Wow. This actually was exactly how I imagined it to be... or rather, as I saw on movies... Cool.

Louvre... hours walking, with my mother insisting on me translating everything for her ("What do you mean you don't speak French? You've learned French for four years!" "Yes, but it doesn't mean I can speak it. Well, I can tell you a poem about coffee, if you'd like" "Don't want to know about the coffee. Now, who's that guy on the picture?"), Mr. Andrew looking tired (no strange... he was the one to drive us around Paris... in that traffic) and Damian looking bored as hell. ("This is Mona Lisa, Damian" "The What?" "Mona Lisa. Ya know? Da Vinci? Leonardo? One of the most famous paintings like, ever?" "I thought it's bigger"). Not bad, though...

Nescafe close to the Champs Elysees... no Vanilla latte. Blah. But good cookies. And really, really nice guy who told me where to find a street with bookshops, and stores with comics, and all. Nice guy.

Fantastic magazines. Arthelius! The Series! Bought a lot of them... Cool.

Eurodisneyland. Bought myself Tigger's ears, and was hopping all around the park. People were looking funny at me, gee, wonder why. They had an X-Wing there! A Real (were, okay, a fake, but...), Huge X-Wing! Is it possible to get an orgasm in the centre of the Discoveryland in the Edisneyland? Nope. No Wedge. :] And, also, are the people in Disneyland on Prozac, or something? I mean, if they dressed *me* in suach a hideaous dress, I woudn't be so cheerful as those girls...


That was the part of the trip I most looked forward to. UK! London! Ooops, driving on the other side of the road. That was weird. And funny, especially when one moment we drived on the wrong side... Cooler than rolecoaster :D

And the hotel hunting. We are highly stupid, but we hadn't made a reservation.... try to find a cheap (like under 40 pounds per room) hotel in London around 8 pm... That was not fun. Especially as I was the only one who could speak English.... not very well, but still... so I had to do all the work. God, those receptionist were looking at me as I was some kind of idiot. "We're fully booked at the moment" with a look that said "what kind of moron are you to not make a reservation?" Finally we've found a hotel with a help from one, very nice, receptionist, who gave us the adress.... nice guy.

The Tube travelling was an adventure in itself. Ticket buying! Finding the right line! (we travelled mostly by Jubilee.... That is, we rode by bus to the Canning Town, then get the tube) Getting out! Finding the ticket I've lost to get out of the station! Oh, bright sun! Oh, we travelled to far! Oh, what the hell, let's visit Buckingam palace, and see the guard change! :D

First glimps of red high busses and black taxis was cool. Then it get less cool when all those busses tried to kill me... And okay, maybe it was my fault, of not noticing that they're coming from the "wrong" side, but hey, I'm a tourist. And I looked like a tourist, with a camera, and map, and battle of water, so they shoud know I'm a moron, right? Right.

British museum! And my exclamation "Giles was a curator here, mum, you know?" And the blank stares I've got. Sheesh, don't they *know* anything? What is with those people? :> I would write about the pieces of art, and all, but you can buy yourself a tour guide if you want, so I'll spare it. It's boring if you don't see it, anyway.

Charing Cross Road! Foyles! Borders! Waterstone's! Is it possible to have an orgasm in a bookshop? Uhm.... well... ya know.... Yes, or so I've heard on a street. I don't know, cuz I'm not the one to go into bookstores, right? No, not me, no sir. But Goddess, how many books I have now! :D

Madame Toussaud was cool. I was slightly disappointed to note that there is no ASH's figure there, but hey, we all know what would happen if there was a life-size, fully functional Giles' replica, with wardrobe changes, and.... remember those famous "choking hazard" on *little* Giles' action figures?

Uhm, I can't believe I wrote that. I can't believe I though that. Well. The reason is, that figure would be quickly stolen, I just know it. And who wants to steal Hugh Grant? (Who looked really plastic and not Hugh at all to boot). But they had Sean Connery, and Harrison Ford, so it's all well.

Well... I'd write more, but I have books to read (lots of books), dvds to watch (lots of dvds... three seasons of Stargate! :] ), and fics to write... sigh. Plus, as always, things to see, people to do....

So, cheers to everyone.


Oh, and btw. Ya heard? Revenge of the Sith! Back to the classic, are we?

Kinda cool.

If only Hayden wasn't in it..... Sigh.


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