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Please, welcome your host for the evening: cala_jane. I am here to reveal one of noelia_g's secrets.

She's got flu. The kind of flu that makes you dizzy and wishing for death.
Apparently she decided to keep the flu for some time. My guess is that she wants to wait till the flu mutates, so she could sell it on a black market.

I have no idea when will she feel good enough to post.


I'm here to give you drabbles noelia_g wrote.

Those are unbeta-d because of Noelia's flu and my lack of skills in that area.

Smoke and mirrors
(Wesley, Wesley/Fred)

There is a theory.
There always is a theory, but this one is special, because in this one, he wants so desperately to believe.
The theory goes: because everything could happen, there has to be a place where it did happen.
Probably something quantum is involved. Fred would know, but Fred isn't here, gone as a cheap magic show, in a puff of smoke - her soul burned away, her insides melted.
Only her body is left, but it's not right, not perfect, broken, like a flawed mirror.
And as twin mirrors are her eyes, cold, smooth, wrong... stealing your soul if you look into them.
He has to believe it's different somewhere else.
They are married. They are together. She's with Gunn. He's dead.
But she's there, she's alive, her eyes clouded with a smoke... she's there. His Fred, not polished image of Illyria.
It's easier this way.
It's harder this way.
But it's all that's left.

Tingly (Kaylee/Jayne)
Machines always made her tingly all over, in a very funny way.
The way fluids circulated in the pipes. The way the various parts vibrated. The sound of deep, low murmur...
Kaylee liked machines.
Jayne liked guns.
He really liked his guns.
It was true friend and a good companion. Always trustful, always there for him.
People sometimes said it was a phallic symbol, and they laughed cheerfully - they laughed until he pointed the phallic symbol at them.
He didn't know what 'phallic' meant, but he didn't like being laughed at.
Kaylee never laughed.
She smiled.
They tingled.

No heaven (Wesley/Faith)

No heaven.
He died and there was an after life. And it was the same one.
Just his luck. Or fate. Both bitches.
Slayers barged in on the battle and saved the day, Slayer-style.
Bugger it all.
She helped him scrumble from Veil's floor and cursed at the 'fucking smurf' and he tried to smile, but muscles were all wrong.
She took him to the hospital and made him take pills and kept him from taking them all.
She threatened to chain him to bed if he wouldn't rest. He almost laughed.
No heaven.
But he had faith.

Proposition (Sayid/Sawyer)

It's official now.
Things on the island do not want to work.
Sayid finally stops fiddling with the radio and sighs, glancing at it, willing it to finally come to life.
No such luck.
The shadow stands in the way of his sun and moment later Sawyer plumps down next to him.
"Heard it didn't work for sticks and you."
Sayid shrugs noncommitally. In a closed society news travel fast.
Sawyer hands him a little bottle and smirks invitingly. "Bottom's up, Ail."
"Is that a proposition?" he asks casually.

At the end, I can promise you, that Noelia will answer your comments. Eventually.
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