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The world stopped spinning and blinking whenever I raise my head. I can even sit now. And look at the screen for the whole grand fifteen minutes before I want to heave. Huge WooHoo in my book, underlined and with few exclamation points if I'm feeling particulary jumpy.

And I'm feeling kinda jumpy since I've drunk my first coffee in five days. Wasn't a good idea, I suppose, considering that for the last five days I wasn't able to eat... Oh, well, we live and learn and some of the most important lessons the life gives us are learned in front of the toilet.

Leave it to Noelia to get sick when the sun is shining, birds are singing, it's warm and nice and there is EIII premiere in two days. Bummer.

But hey at least I'm catching up on some reading. As in actual books reading. Missed that, kinda. And did you know that people write books about Original Charaters? Like, ones that weren't in a tv show? Amazing.

On other things, I'm watching tv. It's pretty much the only thing I can do in the evenings when raising my head causes suspicious phenomena in my room's behaviour - it thinks it's a carousel. Good thing it doesn't think it is a fridge, 'cause I wouldn't be able to sleep because of that damned light. Anyways. You know what is interesting on Polish tv? Absolutely nothing. I've resolved to watching German tv, they have all good tv series there, too bad they dub it in German. I don't get a damn thing on what they're saying, but hey. Wesley is as good looking as usual, whatever language he speaks, right? Right. And Charmed still doesn't make sense to me, whatever language it's in.

Okay... I'm getting tired. Will take five hours nap break and maybe be able to type again.

Being sick kinda sucks.

But it's cool when they do tea for you and not yell at you to make it yourself. *shrug* I take what I can get.

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