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Went to see King Arthur.

Bad idea.


I never liked Arthur. Thought he was an idiot.

I never liked Lancelot. He irritated me.

But now my stupid inner voices make me write Arthur/Lancelot slash... Damn them.

Anyway, Cala, hon, that's for you.

Oh, and this is my first drabble that actually has 100 words. Didn't try for it, it just worked this way... Yay me.



His hands travel over her soft skin, and she knows he thinks of roughness.

His fingers caress her hair, and she knows he thinks of other.

He punishes her in the name of his god, because she serves the gods the other believed in.

And when she screams, when fire reigns in her blood, she knows she will never have his heart.

It has one supreme ruler.

What they have is a symbol, a perfect illusion of a perfect union.

When he fucks her, she thinks of Britain.

But when the king takes his queen, he dreams of his knight.

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