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Well, I did have a bad feelings. Some of them justified. I mean... PM and AotC? Ugh.
But not all of them came to pass, thankfully.

So, okay, plot was kinda shaky but, hey, the movie had plot. Acting not really that bad. Hayden better than I thought he would be, and I'm always delighted and all sqeal-y about Ewan. He is cute *g*. And I like his Obi-Wan. Closer to Sir Guinness in this one, but still way funny. Natalie surprisingly wooden, though I suppose dhe didn't have much to do except for looking pretty and crying. McDiarmid rulez, though. His Palpatine is a mix of sweet and kind with way creepy. Good one. And Jackson doesn't disappoint, he rocks.

So, the dialogue was crap, I admit, but hey, wasn't it always? I mean, go and tell me Luke had good lines and I shall mock you.

They killed Padme. Leia remembering her mother in RotJ makes *so* much sense now... right.

I loved the Jedi massacre. Killing every one? Ki Adi Mundi, and oh, my poor Ayla Secura. I liked her. I wished there would be more of that, but then came the temple scene and Anakin drawing the sword to kill the younglings. Hee. Not that I want kids killed, not unless they are really annoying like the Anakin of Jake Loyd's time was, but... that scene showed how far gone Anakin is, so again I say Hee.

Almost none of Jar Jar. Hee again. He didn't die, so not so much with the hee, but still.

Bail Organa. I loved him. I never cared much for the character but Jimmy Smits is way cute here.

So... Qui Gon was the one to learn how to come back from the death as the bluey ghosty thingy? Yay for him. And you could see the glee in Kenobi's eyes at the thought of spending next years on Tatooine with his mentor, even in a ghostly form. Astral sex is cracked up to be good.

Speaking of sex. Anakin/Obi-Wan. One more Hee. Kenobi can talk all he wants about brotherly love, I know what I see and I see sexual tension. Good for them. Well, not so much since Ani ends up in a pit of molten lava and then in a s/m suit of the weird variety, but hey. The final fight and the way Obi-Wan leaves... way cool.

Yoda rocks, though we knew that.

If I could I'd have more of the promised 'dark', but it wasn't all that bad.

All in all, not the movie I dreamed of, but not the movie I dreaded it can end up being.

End the end with the twin suns... nice. Very nice.

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