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New layout! With banner by red_sunflower!
Also, new icons. All of them. And one of them isn't Veronica Mars, ya know?
So, okay, the rest is...
God, I have no idea what I will do when my paid account runs out and I'm back to lousy three pics... (yes, this is a pathetic attempt on trying to get someone's pity... worked on Christmas *L*). Well, whatever, I'll just have to take my birthday money (cuz I know I'll get money. I always get money, since I got too old for dolls) and ask someone from civilized country (I'll bribe Nora with chocolate *g*) to pay for me. *shrug*.
I think I should do the things I should do... like tags and fics and icons and homework. But refreshing the flist is funnier. I'll go and comment some. *shrug*
Procrastinating is fun.
And I suppose this post doesn't make a lot of sense so I'll just go and shut up.
Or buy chocolate.
Or hell, watch VM again.

Oh. New QaF ep today! *squeeee*

8 days to Noelia's birthday. Smaller squee byt still a squee.
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