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icons! squee! (can you tell I'm hyper?)

Okay, so if no one wants to spam my flist I'll spam yours.

Take that!

You probably noticed that I wasn't posting icons lately. You know why? Because I post them at nolicons. I think I mentioned that on few occasions...
But I'll post my new Veronica Mars icons here anyway. *shrug* You know why? Cuz it's my journal and I can! Ha!

1   2  

3   4

5   6

7   8

9   10

11   12

13   14

15   16

17   18

19   20

21   22

23   24

want, take, have. credit is nice but I won't beat you to death with a shovel if you don't give it. I may pout a little.

great. update took three minutes... now I'm still bored.
Tags: icons, vm

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