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So. Another drabble, another slash... I tried to write some of my B/G Smutathon answer today, and I apparently forgot how to write het...

No worries, will read some fics and remind myself how it's done.

So, next drabble. Arthur/Lancelot again. Forgive me... I'll be back to Giles' fics soon.

Still 100 words. I'm good.

Still bad gramma. Darn.


He prays to his god, and kneels in front of other. He swore his allegiance to the one, and screams in blasphemy and sacrilege.

He feels cock in his mouth and forgets religion, everything but the feeling of completness.

He takes punishment for the sin, on his knees, giving and receiving the highest pleasure.

He is a leader at day and commander at night. He is a Christian and his purpose is to serve the One God.

But at those rare, stolen moments he gives everything he has to the god named Lancelot.

This is hell, and he is burning.

Tags: fanfiction

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