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Angel City vol. 1

This is going to be a series. I'll try to post new part/new drabble every day. We'll see where it takes me.

This is the previously mentioned Wes as a P.I. AU series, slightly inspired by Sin City. I hope you'll like it

Volumes had been written about this city and the irony of its name.
But walk down the boulevards and you will see dozens of angels, fallen ones, or just those who let themselves slip too low, sunk too far. Beautiful faces and shining eyes, glow of heroin or whatever it is they're calling their angel dust now.
Hell or heaven is sold here by the hours.
My name is Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and I'm a Private Investigator.
Let me assure you, you won't find any other place with more private affairs, secrets and sins than this city.
The City of Angels.

Also. I need beta for it. Anyone?
Tags: angel city, ats, fanfiction
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