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Angel City vol. 2

Drabble series, AU, Wes as a P.I.
Inspired slightly by Sin City, hence the title.
Overal rating: NC-17

vol. 1

Rain drops fall from my coat onto the floor, sure to leave a nasty stain that Harmony will complain about for ages.
Harmony. The obligatory blonde secretary, legs that go all the way and a brain that doesn't. The only one who would work for the ridiculous pay I can afford.
"Hi, Boss. You have a guest," she announced, tilting her head in the office's direction. Cheerfull smile told me who exactly was waiting there. If Harmony hadn't made it perfectly clear on few occasions that she is straight and willing I'd say she had a crush on Cordelia Chase.
Tags: angel city, ats, fanfiction
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