Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Angel City vol. 3 and 4.

Drabble series, AU, Wes as a P.I.
Inspired slightly by Sin City, hence the title.
Overal rating: NC-17

Two parts today, because I feel like it *L*

Previous parts: vol. 1, vol. 2

She truly is a vision. She came a long way from when I've met her, a long time ago, when we both still had dreams. Hair still dark and smile just as blinding, but her eyes are weary, older than she should be.
"Miss Chase," I smile, walking around my desk. "What brings you here?"
There is a new scar on her cheek and the make-up doesn't cover the darkness around her eye. I don't ask, never do, because she wouldn't answer. Cordelia Chase knows the price of wisdom. She knows the price of life in this city.
"It's Fred."

Fred, she was called. Like most of the girls she didn't have a last name. She had wide eyes and short skirts, braided hair and innocence men wanted to destroy.
She came to the city with a man called Seidel, too old for her, but weren't they always?
She was crazy, of course. They all are. She wrote on her walls and counted the blows, counted the thrusts. No one cares here if a girl is batshit crazy or just drugged out of her mind, but with Fred they should care.
They should care because Fred counted down.
To zero.

Tags: angel city, ats, fanfiction

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