Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Slept two hours... That can't be healthy. Oh, well.

Also, I wake up and check my mail, and then check my flist and it's 'skip100' to read all of the entries. Insane *L*

I hate the time difference, I really do. Everyone is asleep when I'm awake. Bleh.

Yesterday I got money for the tutoring I do and I feel like going out and buying some new books... especially Star Wars novelisation, because This. I wonder if I can get it in English. I hate translations. They make me swear more than I usually do. If not, I'll buy something else... you can't read only fanfics, after all...

Speaking of which.

Veronica Mars recs.

Pain by sophia_bee. Delicious angst.
The Wallace Inquisition by jwynn Fun!
Standing on the F-Word by sexycereal The Threesome. Way, way, way brilliant.
The Snail and The Jackhammer by jwynn The e18 kiss revisited... in a great style.
Strenght in Numbers by jwynn Logan. Great character study.
In the tabloids by missambs Threesome again, post-finale. Amazing.
Strikeout by missambs On the edge of something that bridge. Love, love, love that ficlet.

And a bonus. Ya remember The Great Livejournal Blackout Of 2005? This is What Really Happened by violet_quill


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