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Today in a nutshell

Gmail down. Fner. I'm not getting comments notifications. I'm panicking. Meep.

Have new shower gel. Mint and caffeine. Weird, but fun.

Bought The New Penguin Book of Gay Short Stories. Wee. Never thought I'd find something like that in a Polish bookshop *g*

Got accepted to good_fanicons Weeeee! I repeat Weeeee!

I need Twelve Steps for Caffeine *nodnod*

Wrote femmeslash. Feeling weird.

Reading Clark/Lex stories. Feeling more weird, but in a kinda good way.

Weeeee Gonads and strife. *shrug*

I think I should go to sleep.

I think I can't go to sleep because I'm fucking hyper.

Oh, well.
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