Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

I'm recently working hard on smuthaton entry... I apparently forgot how to write het. I blame mostly Cala and Lostgirl, but all of you have something to do with this...

Oh, and when I finish, I'll be in need of a beta... any volunteers to deal with b/g storry written by a grammatically challenged person? Oh, and bad spelling also included...

On a lighter note, I made two icons that are not slash. Yay me, then.


b/g      f/w


Oh, and I'm finished with reading "Monstrous Regiment". Did anybody else thought of 'Seksmisja' during this reading? Well, of course, no one, cuz it's a Polish movie, and people don't watch Polish movies unless it's Wajda or Polański, right? But still...

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