Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

We knew that would happen sooner or later after Noelia watched RotS.

Obi-Wan/Anakin drabble. So very sorry. Not. Hee *L*

Perfect synchronicity of lighsaber practice, breaths quickened, heartbeats in unison.
Cleansing calm of meditation, together above everything, forever.
There is the middle of a storm, when they don’t need to see other’s movements because they feel them, they banter at each other while the sparks are flying, limbs are cut off and heads rool. And then, after hell, there is irritation in Obi-Wan’s voice, but there is a smile in the corner of his mouth, and in his eyes there is...
And Anakin tells himself again, a Jedi shall not know love.
No one ever mentioned friendship or sex.

I need to go and finish my Wedge ficlet *nodnod*
Tags: fanfiction, sw
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