Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

No update, long time... *sigh* And they said you have time during holidays. They lied.

Was looking for a job. Found one. Starting tomorrow. A little bit of wee (money!) a little bit of bleh (uhm, the work part? *L*) but again, money.

Oh, I almost forgot. Happy Independence Day to Americans on my flist! *sets foreworks for the sheer hell of it*.

*hugs you all tight*

Also. Why no one told me 'Desperate Housewives' is so fcuking good? I'm totally in love with it and my puter can't download fast enough...

Also no2. Have you noticed my recent posts all consists of reporting that I don't have time for posting? *L*

Real Life's a bitch. And it's out to get me.

*hugs you all again and goes to sleep*

tomorrow waking up at 6. Ugh.
Tags: random insanity, real life

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