Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

CNBC Europe was giving us Jay Leno few moments ago... Dominic Monaghan was on. And as I liked him before and thought he was adorable? I fucking love him now. He went on about Han Solo shooting first and how that was an important thing to Dom.
Squee, kinda.
And Jay responds in the usual talk-shows-approach-to-Star-Wars-fans: Don't talk about that on a date.
Dude. If a guy started talking about Han Solo on a date I would flip. Nowaydas all I hear is how much money did they spend on their car or what cellphone model do they have... No, I'm not bitter.

Memories feature isn't working. Screw you too.

Was downloading QaF 510, right? And it went down at 98% which is just way too mean.

Conan O'Brien is now on and they make fun of Star Wars too. But in a kinda fun way, so they are excused. They may continue on living. Noelia the Merciful and all that jazz.

I'm almost done with my fic for Threesome ficathon (Connor/Faith/Illyria. Kinda not my usual thing, eh?). Anyone would be up for beta tomorrow or the day after?

Tired. And rambling. Oh, whatever.

Desperate Housewives finale which I've finally watched... much with the WTFness. Where's the resolve? With this, Lost and Veronica Mars I'm starting to hate cliffhangers (or bridgehangers as the case may be). Anyone has spoilers for second seasons of those three?

Is Batman Begins any good? I can't wait for the Polish premiere...

Memories feature is still not working. Much with the argh.

*hugs flist*

I'm thinking of starting a ficathon. Because I apparently have nothing to do...

*kicks Memories*

Great. And I'm hungry again... I'm craving pickles, actually. Would get me concerned if I wasn't during my period now. And lacking het sex recently. And not only recently.

We're starting the new RPG campaign on Saturday. Yay. Of course, that means I have a shitload to plan, plot-wise and all, but I'm so excited... I'm on RPG withdrawal, so...

Midnight and I need to get up quite early... My sleeping habits recently? Suck. And not in a positive, life-affirming way.

*hugs you all goodnight*
Tags: random insanity

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