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I love tourists. They are like children in the mist, completely and utterly lost. And quite funny, sometimes.

I was going by the bus today and overheard the following conversation, in English, of course. A Polish girl was trying to explain some things to her companion.

"And tomorrow we're going to Warsaw, so you need to get up earlier so we can catch the train."
"Warsaw?" in a tone of complete confusion.
Girl sighs, as if she explained it already, few times. "Yes. The capital...?"
"Oh. Right." A beat. "I thought Krakow was a capital?"
"No. Well, it was, but a long time ago, before Zygmunt III Waza moved it to Warsaw..."
"Ah." A moment. "Well, can't you move it back again?"
The girl looks at him strangely. I try not to laugh. "I don't think so."
How to explain? The girl tries anyway. "Well, the Warsaw is, like, better situated, in the center and all, and it already has all the government there, and..." she apparently runs out of the reasons. I would, too. "Warsaw is the capital."
"Right." A moment. "But Krakow is prettier, right?"
I do agree.
"So, why can't it be the capital?"
"I don't know, okay?" ah, the patience run out. Oh, well.
"Ah." Silence for the whole two minutes (I timed them). "So, where are we going tomorrow?"
Deep sigh from the girl. "Warsaw."
"Ah. What's that?"
Girls rolls her eyes, and catches my look. We share a moment of total understanding.


In the mood of that. There was a song once about moving the capital back to Krakow and that it's a very bad idea. If you want to listen to Polish song (it will probably sound funny to you *L*), it's here

Also, I've translated the lyrics for you, not very well, but hey.

Gold notes like raindrops on the Market, and the music is all around
Wierzynek cooks royally and the flower sellers wait for a miracle
Sometimes, as in a dream a politician appears, all high and mighty
And announces things used to be better in the old days
Good Lord, what I’m hearing, Good Lord, what I’m dreaming of
I get up early and write this short chorus, three sentences, not more
Don’t make Krakow a capital again
Even though you like the symbols so
It will bring the serious faces, wise words
And stupidity that hurts

We carry the moon with us here
Here the poetry is what’s best
And there is a different rhythm in our hearts
Even though the air doesn’t agree with us
Gold notes like raindrops on the Market, and the music is all around
Wierzynek cooks royally and the flower sellers wait for a miracle
Listening to the history’s piece, mother used to read to us
We relive grand battles, the calvary always on time
This happened already, rain not once came
Won’t repeat what was, a different wind blows

Don’t make Krakow...
Don’t make Krakow a capital again
Let it be where it is
We beg you, choosing right words,
Two Krakuses, Grzegorz T and Andrzej S

Oh, and I'm going to England at the end of the month after all. Weee!
(and I'm apologising in advance to every Briton who may meet me and my blatant tourism-ness *L*)
Tags: random insanity

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