Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Because trunks_angel did it, and I'm apparently a bigger geek... not sure if it's good or not

...that I own.
The way it is on my shelves, which is chronologically... (titles may be creative, because I'm translating them from Polish as I go, and I don't remember all original titles)

Darth Maul: saboteur
Cloak of Deception
Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter
Rogue Planet
Approaching Storm
Han Solo Trilogy (Paradise Sbare, Hutt Gambit, Rebel Dawn)
Lando Calrissian trilogy
Han Solo Adventures trilogy
Tales from the Mos Eisley cantina
Splinter of the Mind's Eye
Tales of the Bounty Hunters
Shadows of the Empire
Tales from Jabba's Palace
Bounty Hunter Wars (Mandalorian Armor, Slave Ship, Hard Merchandise)
Truce of Bakura
Rogue Squadron
Wedge's Gamble
Krytos Trap
Bacta War
Wraith Squadron
Iron Fist
Solo Command
Courtship of Princess Leia
Tatooine Ghost
Heir to the Empire
Dark Force Rising
The Last Command
I, Jedi
Jedi Search
Dark Apprentice
Champions of the Force
Children of the Jedi
Planet of Twilight
The Crystal Star
Before the Storm
Shield of Lies
Tyrant's Test
Ambush at Corellia
Assault at Selonia
Showdown at Centerpoint
Specter of the Past
Vision of the Future
Vector Prime
Dark Tide 1: Onslaught
Dark Tide 2: Ruin
Agents of Chaos 1: Hero's Trial
Agents of Chaos 2: Jedi's Eclipse
Balance Point
Edge of Victory 1: Conquest
Edge of Victory 2: Rebirth
Star by Star
Dark Journey
Enemy Lines 1: Rebel Dream
Enemy Lines 2: Rebel Stand
Destiny's Way
Force Heretic 1: Remnants
Force HEretic 2: Refugee
Force Heretic 3: Reunion
The Final Prophecy

Books in original (English)
The Unifying Force
Survivor's Quest

Albums and Guides
Phantom Menace - album
ESB: Album
ANH: Album
RotJ: Album
SW Encyclopedia
Guide to weapons and technology
Guide to chronology
Guide to planets and moons
Guide to characters
Guide to robots and droids
Guide to ships
Guide to Alien races
AotC: Album
Guide to language

Shadows of the Empire
Crimson Empire (1 and 2)
Boba Fett: Bar-Kooda hunt
Dark Side Rising
Darth Maul
Heir to the Empire
Jango Fett
Zam Wessel
SW Tales 1
Last Command
Jedi Tales 1-3

Maaan, I'm a geek.

Well, that was fun.
*goes back to work*

Oh! albachallenge Go, see, join, participate! Wee!

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