Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

So, I gave up and read the spoilers on my flist.
Along with teh big one. Ya know which one. The one that has pictures of scanned pages, and all.

And I went 'yee-ha' and did a little dance (No, I mean it. I did a dance. Through the entire house. And then I made me a cuppa.)
My mom looked at me *really* strangely...
And the asked 'So, they killed Harry?'
(they didn't, as far as I know, but I keep on hoping)

I stopped. My mom knows I could be excited about HP today? My mom knows I don't like Harry?

She's certainly a pod person.

She asked why am I not in the bookshop.

I pointed out it's fcuking raining a helluva lot and a minor detail that I Live In Poland and not England.

Mom shrugs. "But they were selling English versions in *nameoftheshop*"

WTF? She knows and I didn't?

Pod. Person.
Tags: hbp, random insanity

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