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HBP. I need to say I'm taking back some things I said about bookshops in Poland - they got it quite quickly.
Of course, people who don't speak English will have to wait half a year for a translation, but serves them right for not learning *g*

Ships. Oh, who cares by now? (apart from all of you who do, that is).
H/G, R/H, whatever. Wee for Remus and Tonks, that's a pairing I hadn't seen comming and it was wicked *L* (spoiling my fav ship of Remus/Severus, but I say whatever again).
On the ships storyline, though... Hermione was irritating. I like her best from the three, but she was highly annoying. Not the smart-ass know-it-all anymore, but sulking and moping around... if she doesn't stop that soon we will have words.
Ginny susrprisingly cool.
Fleur annoying as always. Whatever.
Ron mildly amusing, although... Lavender? Ergh. I'd was actually relieved at him making up with Herwhiny, and I'm not a shipper.
Harry/Ginny and the end of it. I hate those. If a guy ever, ever, tells me he breaks up with me for. my. own. good, I'll punch him. And then kick him. Seriously.

And now the actually cool stuff.

Snape! Oh, Goddess, from the second chapter till the end, I'm in love with him again. Brilliant. And please, please, let him really be evil. I want my Snape totally on the dark side.
I suspect though it won't happen. You don't write about ways to split your soul and become practically immortal through the half of the book and then kill someone and not resurrect him. If JKR did it, though, and Dumby is done for, I'll be pleased.

Which leads me to Dumby himself... I kinda like him, actually. Old manipulative bastard. Wee.
But the similarities between him and Voldie are drawn heavily, now. I know that everyone points out the connections between Voldie and Ary, but come. on. This happened only 'cuz of the prophecy that I'm actually getting pretty tired of (although the whole 'Voldie dug his own grave with this one' is my new definition of coolness. But I don't need Dumby to explain it to me through four pages. I've got it. One book ago. Thanks!).
But the Dumby/Voldie parallels... Albus himself spells them out, then the differences are spelled, then similarities again... This is their war. Two old mystics, who know each other, faced each other few times, revere each other and totally hate each other. Harry is just a useful tool in this equation.
That's how I see it, at least, and that's why I think we'll still see some of ol' Albus.

Half Blood Prince. Puh-lease. It was obvious. From the moment it was about a Potion Book, watch it, left in Snape's. Cupboard. (technically the classroom cupboard, but ya know what I mean.) And when Snape became DADA teacher it was obvious that in this book he is a major player.

Him killing Dumbledore was beyond coolness. Even if they spoil it by saying he was a... double, triple, square? agent and they resurrect ol' Dumby, and all will be well in the Land (which we will call... 'the Land') - the moment was full of sheer, total whooping glee that no one will take from me.

Draco grew up to be a disappointment, really. From the promising beginning when he punched Harry and I squealed, to blah of an ending. Go home. We don't like you anymore. Though you made a nice ferret, we do admit.

Okay, so. To summarize the summary of the summary. JKR is a problem.
She destroyed my ships (which were the ships I *knew* won't happen in cannon, because, uhm... children's book? but were nice to plot, and read, and write). She gave me a cannon ship to, erm, ship. Remus/Tonks is my new crave (icons! anyone has icons?).
She bored me with the romantic stuff and made me squeee at some plot points.
She made me yell at the stupidness of Harry, which made my Mom very concerned (but she is nice to me lately, so that's not so much of a problem... methinks she plans to tell me she will get remarried, or whatnot...).
She will make me wait at least a year (yeah. right) for the next book, damn her.

All in all?

I loved it.

Wanna more.

Any good post- fics?
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