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Noeliaäs update from Germanz where the kezboards are weird (with z instead of y and all...) I still canät find the slash kez. And I canät be bothered to check the spelling because the dreadful machine takes euro everz five minutes and that is waz, waz, overpriced, blah.

Anzwazs. Todaz we were on that fashion fair that was mz Momäs excuse for the trip. Boring, boring, blah. What we learned came down to what I could alreadz tell her: Boho is in. No, seriouslz *L*

Also, there close all the shops around 1am on Sundazs. Weird.

Weather isnät that bad.

The kezboard still annozs me.

I will keep zou updated if I can find the net connection whenever weäre going next... weäre thinking France or Italz, since England is definitelz out of the question (and if I hear mz Mom sazing one more time "Iäm not superstitious, but there were Signs" I will be the one to blow something up.


Take care, flist.

ETAI think weäre going to Cannes! Zeah, babz, that is what Iäm talking about!
(am still pestering Mom and Mr.A about London... weäll see, but mazbe, if I donät spend too much here and no one blows anzthung up soon, Iäll be going there... or thez kill me for whining. Either or.
Tags: random insanity, trip

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