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I'm insane, ask me how

Well, apparently, the answer is: very.


Past the border of insanity, and getting faster.

You all know I'm not a native English speaker. Yes, I complain about this a lot, so you know. You probably all also know, that I write stories in English, and generally like English language (duh! went to study it at the university).

The thing is, I like English better than Polish.

That's not that abnormal, right? Everything seems better if it's not your own, right? The greener grass, and all that crap.

And some of you know that when I role play, I tend to speak in English as my characters. My co-players don't seem to mind, they started to talk in English too. It seems okay, if you play in BtVS rpg to speak in English, cuz you can use buffyisms, and willowisms, and so on, and it's better to say Slayer or Watcher than those stupid Polish ones.

But the truly scary thing is... I think in English.

Really. I recently caught myself on that.

When I plan o story, or speech, or article, or whatever, I first think of it in English. Than, if it's needed, I *translate* my thoughts into Polish.

And today I caught myself doing one more thing. Arguing with myself. In English. Aloud.

When I called myself a moron, I figured something is wrong....

And I can't my shrink, cuz the last time I talked to him about my star wars addiction, he started to borrow X-wing books from me.


Well, okay. Going back to smutathon entry... I need to finish it today... and right now it's still het! Yay me!

Oh, and almost forgot! Two silvers, one gold! Yay for Otylia!



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