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Music Videos

I've been sending these to a friend and realised that probably half of my flist hadn't seen them...

So here they are. Music Videos I've made.

How Far. Song by Martina McBride. Buffy/Giles.
The song seemed to fit perfectly the s6 leaving issue and I simply needed to make B/G vid.

Everytime. Yeah, song by Britney. Willow/Giles. Probably one of my fav vids... I had fun with creating it and am proud of some montage scenes (hug, flower, you'll see :])

Mad World. song by Gary Jules. Giles and Wesley. This song was a part of my layout and apparently was getting stuck in people's heads... (hi, Phen :)). Was stuck in mine, too and I wanted to make vid to it to get it out :)

Merry Christmas, Darling. Song by Carpenters. Giles/Wesley After making Mad World some people were saying there's not enough Giles/Wesley shippy vids out there... So I made a Christmasy one.

Invisible Ink. Song by Aimee Mann. This is a Giles/OFC vid. Yeah, I'm Mary Sueing happily... I play this character in our Buffy RPG (RL, not LJ rpg) and had chosen Jessica Alba to be her, well, visual representation. It's hard to make vid for characters that never met, but as long as you pretend that the guy in glasses is always Giles and every girl there is Bethany... and you forget where do the clips really come from... maybe you'll enjoy it? *L* I like it, anyways :D

It Was. Not Giles, but another ASH character... It's a short vid to those Nescafe coffee adds. Because I'm obsessed. And combining my two loves - Tony and caffeine... can't go wrong.

Elsewhere. Song by Sarah McLachlan. Fred/Wesley/Illyria video. I couldn't get the idea out of my head. Does it show that I'm obsessed with that relationship? Cuz I am...

Place Called Home. Song by Kim Richey. Lost vid. Sayid, Sawyer, Kate. I love this song (it's the one that played at the end of 'Shells' in Angel) and it seemed to fit Lost.

Return to Oz. Song by Scissor Sisters. Another Lost, this time only Sayid and Sawyer, because Cala wanted. And she usually (though not always) gets what she wants. Also, I couldn't pass up the line 'she said that they're all dead' hee :)

Elephant Love Medley. Song by Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. Brian/Justin. Totally constructed reality but I had fun making it, so there :]

Which Backstreet Boy is Gay. Song by Weird Al Yankovic, of course. My first vid ever. The slashiness of BtVS and AtS. Weee.

I hope you like at least some :)
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