Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Work. Kind of sucks.
In a yaaaawn!boring kinda way.

But I've just asked if I'm getting paid and apparently I am, so hee, I'll buy new books yay! (to explain, I'm working in my mom's shop for a few days so I wasn't sure if it's a job job or a favour...)

Hunting for new icons to fill my shiny 100 slots (did anyone else was trying to change the pics and saw 41/100 and went 0_o? and then read flist and went 'oh!'?) and found houseoficons. (current icon is one of hers) She's totally brilliant - her SW icons are small masterpieces. Go, check them out!

Also. Star Wars: Episode III: Backstroke of the West
You *must* see this. It has screencaps from E3 taken from a pirate dvd version where the captions were a direct translation from Chinese interpretation of the script... Priceless, priceless, priceless.

Also numero 2. I was thinking of doing something fun and constructive but what doesn't take much work on my part because I'm le tired and le lazy today... I was thinking that some time passed from the last LJ Friending Frenzy... and since like, half of my current flist found me on that, or I found them, I can tell this things are useful... If I hosted one, would you participate? Would you pimp it? Should I do it? I wanna, but it takes pimping for these things to work out, so I would rely heavily on you people... you know people who know people who know other cool people that our people don't know, right?


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