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This is another instalment of my take on Fred's death, the aftermath and the afterlife.
It started with Significance of a click, a story of Fred's life and quest for the click. Story of Fred's death.
Then there was Smoke and Mirrors, Wesley's pov after that.
It continued with Happiness is a warm gun about Wesley's way of dealing.
There was also Playing God, Fred drabble, written long time ago, posted later because someone (cala_jane) made me.
Then there was Soul Music, afterlife femmeslash with Fred/Lilah and hints of Fred/Wes and Lilah/Wes and Fred/Wes/Lilah because they're cool :)

Now I've written a continuation to that, and I can promise there will be more sometime soon...(don't much care if you want it or not ;))

I present A Hole in the Sky

There was a hole in the sky.
It was brown and blue, colours flashing so Fred couldn't tell them apart.
Quite pretty.
Quite new.
Of course, it was only for the given value of new, because she still hadn't figured out if time existed in this place anyway, or maybe it was just an illusion of time, or a time-like dimension or a warped space or...
But it was a nice change from the heavy stillness of grey cotton candy that the sky was before. It just tasted more salty than the cotton candy Fred knew, but her taste buds stayed in her body that was currently borrowed stolen used by a god king with delusions of grandeur, so maybe it was sweet after all.
Lilah often said Fred had a habit of getting sidetracked and never got right to the point, the point in question being Lilah's pussy at the time.
The point now was, there was a hole. It was a sure sign of change and Fred welcomed change. It's not that she didn't like it here, because she did, grass green and shiny, her hair in mess with leaves still in them, her hips arched and Lilah between her thighs...
But she missed something. Maybe it was Him, maybe her Feigenbaum, maybe all her boys, and maybe she missed herself, the realness of her body, the warm feeling of her soul.
She was hollow inside and nonexistent on the outside, unreal skin and dirty blue veins.
Lilah said that if you placed your head near Fred's cunt you could hear the sound of a dead ocean, little shell that she was.
But Lilah often said such things and Fred stopped blushing after some time. She still hadn't figured out which word was more dirty, 'cunt' or 'shell'.
There was a hole in the sky and it was a change for the better worst best.
Now she knew he kept his promise and sold his soul to the first devil that offered a bargain good enough, eternity of nothing everything them.
She heard Lilah's laugh and heard his whisper, felt Lilah's fingernails digging deep deeper into her skin, leaving red crescents all over again, and seen his scars that she really missed, old ones, new ones, those he imagined and this place made them real, those that were real enough to kill him.
There was a hole in his head, and she knew he found his click, and it was a hollow sound of gun in his mouth.
She saw his brown jacket and blue eyes, so cold now, like her dead skin and blue veins, like the blue sky that scared the gray away.
It was quite pretty anyway.
Quite old.

Lilah/Fred/Wesley again.
Tags: ats, fanfiction

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