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OTP fandom whore meme

Snagged from starbuck92 because I'm a sheep.

1. Number One OTP that is truly THE ONE TRUE PAIRING (withstanding the test of time and fandom whoring): Buffy/Giles. I might be a slash ho now, but they are too perfect.
2. Your OTP today: Gibbs/Dinozzo
3. Baby’s first OTP: uhm... Gilbert/Anne, I think *L*
4. That Rare Pairing that you Love: uhm... Giles/Oz.
5. OTP that you’d go to bat for in Wank Situation: Buffy/Giles, Fred/Wesley
6. Number One Anti-OTP, the pairing you hate with a fiery passion: Spuffy.
7. Character you pair off with almost anyone: Giles. As was already demonstrated, I even ship Giles/Otto (I still can't believe I wrote that!)

This is for rapid fire first OTP that comes to your head for each fandom, don't cheat!
Stargate: Jack/Daniel
Atlantis: Sheppard/Weir
Battlestar Galactica: I don't watch that
Star Wars: Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon
Matrix: whatever.
Harry Potter: Snape/Lupin
Smallville: Clark/Lex
Crossover: Giles/Daniel Jackson
Other: Lost: Sawyer/Sayid, DA: Max/Logan, VM: Logan/Veronica, DH: Susan/Mike, LotR: Aragorn/Boromir, QaF: Brian/Justin, NCIS: Gibbs/Dinozzo, DLM: Mason/Rube
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