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I bet you, my dear flist, are fed up with my 'Bored so much I'll die' posts.
But I can't seem to find anything to do, even if I do have a shitload of things that need to be done...
I'm just lazy, I guess.

So, because all cool kids are doing it (I saw it at blacksatinrose's, catchmelike's and comedownstairs's, to say the least). I'm gonna do that too.

One line stories!
Name a pairing (that I'm familiar with, in a fandom I'm familiar with) and a one word prompt and I will write one line of a story for it.

It may be more than one line, if my muse is tickled.

Also, random note. Finally saw sg-1 904 and 905 (I'm slow, but I live in Poland. We had only 6 seasons. I think).
Vala! Oh, how I love her... I want to be her, I want to do her, I want to have her babiez and I want her to fuck Daniel.
Hadn't decided yet which one... Probably all of the above. :]
Tags: meme, random insanity, stargate

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