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Goddess, my brain isn't alright today.

So what else is new, you'll ask. And I'll stick my tongue out at you. You will remark about being immature and I'll show you a finger or two. You see, I can do both sides of this conversation now. Thanks to cala_jane I've got it covered.

Anyways. Apart from my temporal insanity. Or perpetual (sp?). Oh, whatever. versaphile is busy with finals this week (good luck, btw!) so I'm on watching_daily update duty.
And let me tell you, Wesley fans are fucking productive this days. Not that it's a bad thing... More Wesley fics and I say yay but updating all the links was... well, it took me two hours and two cups of coffee so early in the day and that's saying something.
I also realised I've run out of milk and I'm way too lazy to go to shop so I've drunk it black.
Both coffees.
And that means I won't be able to sleep for the next... two days or sth.
I'm very easily caffeinated. I'm addicted to coffee, yeah, but I drink it with a lots of milk because otherwise I jump all over and bounce of the walls and my hands are kinda shaking while I type... I also type a lot faster than usually.

I also posted watching daily update to my own journal and two other journals before I finally got the right comm. Which means you could have seen it poping randomnly over your flists. Yeah, sorry for that.

Also. awakencordy's layout. It's very pretty, of course, but now I can't get over her new character casting... It's kinda brilliant. And I feel Hermione/Draco fic bunny coming and I don't want it! *kicks the bunny away* It's not even my pairing. I don't even like it! *kicks bunny again* Poszoł won!

So, to get less bored and less jumpy and do something constructive, all at least close to constructive.
Drabble call!
Gimme requests. Pairing, word, mood, whatever.

Oh, the news on the football front. Our Team lost. And Mom was swearing over it on the phone talking to my Grandma.
I fear my family.
(note to Cala. Honey, stfu to you too, with love :))

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