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Make a list of all the characters in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single character, they only go on the list once.)
Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing. Second two people; second pairing. Etc.

I have over 80 icons now... there is some weird shit under here


Acker, Amy / Alba, Jessica
This is some serious eye!candy RPS here. I could see that, definitely. Plus, the weird thing? They both represent my rpg characters... Amy in SW, Jess in BtVS...

Antilles, Wedge / Aragorn
Hee :)

Arwen / Batman
God... that's a crack!pairing, right here.

Bennet, Elisabeth / Blythe, Gilbert
Yeah... maybe.

Burkle, Fred / Cale, Logan
OMG! glasses! nerds! squeee! I think I wanna write that...

Callahan, Nancy / Dae, Christine
Pretty... nothing more. They could bond over dancing and being kidnapped...

Darcy, Fitzwilliam / Device, Anathema
lmao. cute.

Dinozzo, Tony / Dumbledore, Albus
erm... erm...

Echolls, Logan / Eowyn
right. weirdness.

Eric (Phantom) / Gaiman, Neil
They both wear black....

Garfield / Gibbs, Jethro.
omg. they would kill each other over a cup of coffee....

Giles, Rupert / Gin, Noelia
Heeee! Heeee! Heeee! Yeah. I have my own icon there, or rather, icon of my Star Wars character represented by Amy Acker ('s the one with X-wings next to this post) And I came up with Giles. See? I always told you we are *so* perfect for each other.
Oh, shut up.

Granger, Hermione / Gruffud, Ioan
Maybe when she's older, eh?

Guevara, Max / Head, Tony
(may I point out to those who are in the know... it's Jessica Alba. And Tony Head. Who plays, ya know, Giles. And Jessica plays my Bethany. See? So. Totally destined. And I didn't even have to set it up!)

Jackson, Daniel / Jinn, Qui-Gonn.
Oh, goddess.... plot bunny. Ascension! Glowy Qui and glowy Danny! Heee!

Kane, Lily / Kenobi, Obi-Wan
kind of fun. in a dysfunctional way... I'd like to see Obi-Wan trying to deal with one more dysfunctional teenager...

Kinney, Brian / Lass, George
Erm. He's gay, she's dead. Well, undead. Perfect match.

Lehane, Faith / Lupin, Remus

Maldoran, Vala / Mars, Veronica
urm... yeah....

Marvin (the Robot) / Mason (DLM)
Erm again. Fic on crack, so very Mason.

McMahon, Julian / McGregor, Ewan.
Now we're talking! That's a pretty RPS

Mitchell, Cameron / Neeson, Liam
Pretty. Can't see it happening.

Reynolds, Malcolm, Rube (DLM)
Yeah... like, DLM-FFly crossover? With River as a Reaper? That would be a crack!fic....

Rutherford, Shannon / Sayid
Oh, come on! What are the chances of canon happening in such meme?

Serra, Inara / Shirley, Anne
Inara seducing Anne would be fun... much fun.

Solo, Han / Summers, Buffy
Not going there...

Taylor, Justin / Tonks, Andromeda.
Pretty hair. Both falling for older men. (first person saying 'and gay' gets a cookie)

Vader, Darth / Vanderkampf, Bree
Now, that's scary. Together they would *rule* every galaxy.

Vimes, Samuel / Wyndham Pryce, Wesley
Oh, fun. Level of sarcasm and cynism, way above average...

No pairing, sorry. Unlucky little fellow.

Ya know....? I think I wanna write some of those... will get back to you when I'm done *L*
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