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I downloaded two new Farscape eps... And you know what? They were in German! Dubbed! I was unarmed... I had no warning...

I couldn't understand a thing.

That's what I get for not taking German instead of English, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.
(yes, I've learned all of them. I'm not terribly fluent in any other than English but I can understand and read them quite well. Okay, not Japanese, where I can just say the basic things, like ask for the way to ladies' toilet and all.)


I've just finished entering challenges... since I'm mod of a challenge comm (albachallenge! *hint*!) I totally get why mods almost beg for entries... I do the same. So I went and entered almost every graphics comm that I'm in (not every, because some were on the voting level, without new challenge announced yet). And Goddess, was that a lot of icons... oh, and one wallpaper. Which I will show of when the challenge is over.

Also. Do you remember the Friends Lists Swap thingy that was going on some time ago? And I missed it because it started at ungodly hours when in Poland was, like 3 am or sth?
Yeah. I'd really like to do sth like that... Only my lj isn't big and important and me organizing it wouldn't cause many people to participate. Anyone bigger and more important there? Maybe you'd do sth like that? :]

Thank you for reading this pointless post.
I'm off to plot world destruction and maybe write Fred/Logan Cale fic. Because I do have a plot bunny. Damn it.
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