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Blame the meme

It wasn't often that Elrond of Rivendell felt like banging his head over delicately carved surface of his armrest, but this? Was definitely such a time.
He had been overjoyed when Arwen suddenly announced she decided not to marry Elessar. Not that he disliked the boy, quite the opposite, young Aragorn was like another son to him, just much younger and with weird-looking ears... it's just that he was a mere mortal.
But at least he was an heir of Gondor, he... mattered, in the grand scheme of things! He was almost family, and not only by adoption. He was, after all, his grand, grand, grand... well, you know.
And now for Arwen to bind herself to another human? It was not only shocking, it was downright appaling.
Too bad Arwen was far too old to be grounded, she passed that age around a thousand years ago. She deserved to be punished for even thinking of marrying this... Bruce Whatsit.
But what could Elrond do?
At least young Bruce Whatsit had pointy ears.
Tags: drabble, random insanity

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