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Is anyone else getting weird, weird plot bunnies out of those pairing memes that are all over my flist?

Written: Arwen/Batman
Writing: Fred/Logan Cale (where Max intends on being with Alec which pisses me off to no end because I don't like them together)
Writing: Giles/Joyce/Wesley. Band Candy revisited, of course.

Others to write:
Daniel Jackson/Qui-Gon Jinn. Because that hotness can't be wasted +Ascension!
Mal Reynolds/Rube. Firefly/DLM crossover? I wanna write that! And I wanna make Book a Reaper.
Caitlin Todd/Teal'c. No, seriously. Imagine the crew og NCIS investigating death of a soldier who had been Snaked or sth like that?
Fred walking on Wesley/Anya sex. I know it's crack, but it doesn't want to leave my brain.
Daniel Jackson/Anya. And I do have first paragraph ready.

Yeah. That would be it.

As if I needed more voices in my head.
Someone kill me.
I'd like to die Auditor way, by chocolate.
Tags: fics ideas, wips

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