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I enjoyed it.
I'm having more fun watching Stargate this season than in a long time and that ep wasn't an exception.

I miss Vala, though. During few eps she managed to capture my heart completely. I really do hope she will be back. She was my ultimate Stargate Mary Sue - snarky, witty, funny, good with weapons and absolutely getting it on with Daniel...

But this ep belonged to Teal'c. Seriously. I usually concentrate on Daniel (duh) or Jack (which this season is kindaaa difficult *L*) but not this time. Other than the occasional squeals over Daniel (my favourite jacket made an appearance, hee!) and Baal (fugly ties, btw) Teal'c was absolutely, utterly brilliant. (don't gloat Cala :P)

I love how Cam brings a lighter side of Teal'c. No, really. You noticed how many times Teal'c smirked or smiled at something Caleron said? A lot.

Daniel talking to teh wife. My fav jacket featured. Hee. I have no idea why the woman kept talking about her husband sitting opposite Daniel. I would definitely be 'husband who'?

Loved, loved, loved the little scene with emblemats. Daniel and Teal'c's reactions were brilliant, I liked the little look between Sam and Daniel and Cam's enthusiasm slays me every time. He's such a fangirl. I bet he writes Daniel/Teal'c fanfics on his lj.

I can't believe I've warmed up to Cam so fast... He was 'the new guy' at first, then 'that guy from Farscape', then 'the guy who looks like Daniel' and then I saw the first ep. And it was Cameron. And now it's Cam, yes. Yay! *L*

Baal's appearance was priceless. I went W. T. F. Heee! I love Baal. Out of all Goa'ulds he's definitely my favourite. Not to mention hot. But does have fugly ties, as I already said. What's with them? I do have a tie!kink, but not those ties... Nice suits, though.

Council. I feel for Teal'c, I really do. Rock and a hard place if I ever saw one. I think that he already feels Tau'ri at heart and can't really symphatize with Jaffa... You noticed that he often says 'We' in relation to Tau'ri? Only when he got pissed off and was trying to convince the Council he started use 'they'. And this seemed to win some of the Council. Even Gerak seemed convinced. Seemed being the key word.

I hate Gerak. He pisses me off, mostly because he pisses Teal'c off. Stupid wanker. I have no idea why, other than him being an idiot, he reminds me of Quentin Travers, the way he undermines Teal'c (I didn't just compared Teal'c to Giles... did I?) and seems fixated on power.

Gerak's ship. Teal'c: "It's hidden in the plain sight" Guy: "What?" Noelia: "The moon, you moron!" Teal'c: "the moon, you Moron". Oh, well. He didn't say 'moron' but he may as well have. That's why he's here. Genius!

I'm still in love with Cameron/Teal'c. I think I have my new OTP.

I'm still not over NID *helping* SG-1. I know it had been a while now, but... nah, it's just weird.

"So, you are single?" "Not exactly"
Ahem, sorry.

"Beats flying coach." Where's my Daniel? There's my Daniel!

The building is the bomb. Hee again. New Baal is a smart one.

Daniel doesn't do much in this one... I think he misses Vala. I miss Vala. Everyone misses Vala!

I like Laundy, I decided. He's not Jack and he's not Hammond but he doesn't try to be either so it's all good.

No doctor this ep. Pity. She's pretty. Although the fact that it does seem as if they were trying to establish her ship with Cameron doesn't work for me. I know want Mitchell/Teal'c. Because they would be hot.

Mitchell figuring out the Moving. Hee! That I like! Thinking outside the box. And was there some over-familiarity between him and the captain whats-his-face of Prometheus? Cute!

Teal'c at the end. Priceless! I decided I love Teal'c.
I don't think I want to post this post... Cala won't let me forget that I made a post full of squealing over T. Never. I won't live this down. But he was great.

Someone do new Daniel-centered ep. I need this now. Please?

Also! Attack of the Clones! *cheers* Go Baal! Although, the shorts are worse than fugly ties. Please, change into godly robes now. Or undress. Either or. Just not the shorts. It's wrong.

Good to have Sam back.

I still miss Vala, though.

This season is looking up to be coolness...
And don't tell me anything. I don't wanna be spoiled.

Unless it's about Return of Vala. Those spoilers I would welcome.

Summary of my summary: Teal'c!
(ya were right, hon. It's great to squeee that :]
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