Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

According to Polish movie database Serenity will premiere on 11.11.05.
Wait. I was happy that it was only two weeks, and then actually looked at the date and counted. It's over a month! Hey! That's *so* unfair. I need to move to other country. Pronto.

It's described as sci-fi/psychological drama which is kinda fun.

Probably all of you saw this anyway, but in case you didn't, here are River Tam's Session Excerpts:
Session 1
Session 22
Session 165
Session 416

Also, check out new promo pics Here
And absolutely gorgeous Cast Photos Here.

And I gave up and read some spoilers and now I'm... I'm... well, you know. *tries very much not to be spoilery*

Also. cala_jane figured out a way for us to make the_fund donation. Though *making* the donation will cost more than we'll actually spend on the donation itself, which is insane, but hell, we're gonna do this anyways. *nods solemnly*
Tags: firefly, serenity, the fund

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