Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

I just had a talk with my Mom and explained all about the_fund (hint, people, hint! the_fund!) and she offered to look into options of sending money from her bank account and give me some money to send.
Which means, things are looking up!
Which also means that I will be able to request some fics *cackles*
Again I say, ha!
I'll also go and bother Grandpa. It's an excellent cause so maybe I shall get some allowance money earlier. (I get pocket money from Grandpa, not Mom. It's complicated. kinda *L*)
And then I shall request BtVS/P&P crossover. Or that Giles/Snyder fic I *always* wanted to read. Or something.

...the fact that my brain did think Giles/Snyder proves I am on painkillers. and everything looks pink *twirls*...
Tags: random insanity, the fund

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