Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

I saw JAG's NCIS ep yesterday (thanks to cala_jane who can stop gloating because yes, I owe her *so* much for this *L*).
I like JAG. I used to have one of the hugest crushes on Harm. And I would do Mac any day. When JAG was on Polish TV I watched every ep and obessed. Not as much as over, say, BtVS or something, but I did.
And in this ep I seriously wanted Gibbs to kick Harms ass. Of course, we all knew Harm was innocent and all, and we I wanted him free and all... but I *so* wanted to see Gibbs outsmart him.
I feel strange.
But come on! Abby with glasses in the court! *bounces*
And Sheriff Lamb was there! Seriously, this is one series that blows me away with their choice in Guest Stars.

Also. I'm thinking of offering writing services, not only graphics, over at the_fund (which I guess part of you is tired of hearing about by now, but whatever. My LJ my pimpage *nod*). But I don't think I'm good enough for people to actually want to *pay* for my fics.
I'm not fishing for compliments now, just tell me honestly. Should I?

Also no 2. I'm feeling like banner making. So, I'll take request for a banner and do it. First came, first served basis. Of course, If I do like your request I'll make more than one, but for now I'm saying one.
That is, if more than one person would be interested at all...
Examples of my banners can be found Here
Tags: banners, ncis, the fund

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