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I tried to buy batteries yesterday... I wasn't prepared for questions though.

Me: Do you have batteries like this *shows*?
Guy: Yes. Which ones do you want? *shows few examples*
Me: Well, those that would last the longest.
Guy: What do you need them for?
Me: ... erm...
Guy: If it's something that just is there, like a clock, you should take this. But if it's like a toy, or something...
Me: Yes! That! Erm. A toy.
Guy: Something that goes on and on?
Me: I do hope so.
Guy: Like a plane, or something, I meant.
Me: Oh. Well, I'll take this.
Guy: Here you are *gives me one*
Me: Erm... I need three.
Guy: What kind of a toy is that?
Me: *very quietly* Fuck.
Guy: Excuse me, hadn't heard you.
Me: Nothing. Here. *gives money, grabs batteries, runs*

Goddess. Next time I shall buy batteries for my vibrator online.
Tags: random insanity

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