Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Okay, it's official. scatterheart has the coolest memes!

Gakked from her, the newest one:

Flist Playlist.

I want to have a complete soundtrack with one song from each of my friends. I'm going to upload them to my playlist and make a "Flist Soundtrack" playlist with notes of what songs belongs to who. It can be your favorite song in the whole world, a recent favorite or just a song that you think really identifies you.

So, what is your song? Gimme!

Also. Cala finally figured a way to make a donation for the_fund so I donated 50$ and can choose from the goodies now. Hee :)
You should too. Awesome artists there *nod*
*goes back to making vids*

Also 2. Baby's New OTP: Sheppard/Weir. Or Sheppard/Pretty much everyone, too. That man could have a chemistry with a Teletubby.
Tags: meme, random insanity
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